Venue Layout

The Halls

We have two main halls, St Andrew’s Hall and Blackfriars Hall, both with cask beer bars, in addition to the cloisters and a marquee.

The Blackfriars Hall, our Champion Beer Bar will have the finalists of the Champion Winter Beer of Britain competition as well as others from around the UK.

St Andrew’s Hall will have all the other cask beers, arranged in approximately alphabetical order by brewery.  At the start of the week, we go A to Z, although this system breaks down during the week as the beers are restocked into vacant spaces, we do our best to keep them in the right area of the stillage (the structure the beer casks are stored on). Remember not all beers are on sale at once; some quickly sell out, others take time to be ready to serve. Some we have only a small amount of. There is a live online beer list to let you find out which beers are on sale at any time – coming soon.

Brewery Bars, the Products Stand, exhibitors and the Cider Bar are all located in St Andrew’s Hall.  The Cider Bar offers traditional ciders, perries, wine and apple juice.

In the Marquee, you will find Keg, KeyKeg and bottled beer from around the world.


Join CAMRA and receive free beer and a refund on your entrance fee! The Membership team is next to the entrance and will be pleased to answer your questions about CAMRA, and sign you on as a new member by cash or direct debit and explain about our range of social activities.  Membership is national and gives you free or reduced admission to a multitude of CAMRA festivals up and down the country.


Seating is available in the Marquee (World Beer Bar) and Cloisters in St Andrew’s Hall and on the stage in Blackfriars Hall.  Seating cannot be reserved and we respectfully request visitors to share seating fairly by not saving seats for other companions, so everyone gets a chance to rest their feet. You are not permitted to bring your own seats into the festival due to safety and fire regulations.


There is no smoking (including E-cigarettes) in any inside area, but with sufficient staff, there is an outside area available from the Cloisters.


A stall selling beer festival-related items will be found in St Andrew’s Hall, to the left of the Brewery Bar. See Merchandise.

Bags and Coats

There is no cloakroom in The Halls and we kindly request all visitors to bring no more than a small bag and coat to the Halls. For security, there will also be searches.


The festival does not allow pass-outs, however, we have kept the entry price low so that leaving and returning is not price-prohibitive and, if you are a CAMRA member or join during the festival, entrance is FREE anyway.


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