The Great British Beer Festival Winter couldn’t happen without the support from some big friends. Every year we are proud to bring together amazing sponsors to bring you a unique festival experience.

We are still talking to potential sponsors for this year’’s festival, so we can’’t share a complete list just yet. We will be updating these pages every time a new sponsor joins the festival, but why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter to ensure you’re always up to date?


VisitNorwich City of Stories

The VisitNorwich City of Stories blog is for all those inspired to travel at the drop of a hat, those who want to try something different, and those who are willing to take a chance on doing something unusual. Whether you work, live or visit here, or are simply just curious about what you’re missing, the City of Stories blog will tell you all you need to know – and more – about life in this very eclectic City.  We will be sharing stories and snippets of information that we think you’ll enjoy, in fact that we hope you’ll love. Some may be through the written word, some filmed, captured in images or in creative writing, but everything will be about Norwich and its people, past, present and future.

Woodforde's Brewery - Main Hall

Woodforde’s Brewery

Hidden away in the heart of Norfolk, Nelson’s county, lies Woodforde’s Brewery. We’ve called Woodbastwick our home since 1981. Now, 30 years on, our tasty beers are proudly found on tap across the Nation. Our passion has brought us incredible success with two Supreme Champion Beer of Britain Awards under our Admiral’s hat.

Master crafters of speciality beers, we’ve spent a lifetime exploring what it takes to make our unrivalled brew, from our state-of-the-art brewery nestled within the winding Norfolk Broads. We’ve always taken pride in what we do, meticulously selecting all our ingredients for their quality and origin, using only the richest of hops for our creations.

Green Jack - Glasses

Green Jack Brewery 

Green Jack was founded in 2003 by Tim Dunford, we are a multi-award winning traditional real ale brewery based in Lowestoft, Suffolk. From humble beginnings, Green Jack has now grown into one of the largest real ale breweries in East Anglia. In 2009 we built a new 38 barrel brewhouse in an old smokehouse in the heart of historic Lowestoft. This enabled Green Jack to produce significantly improved volumes of our award-winning real ales. Green Jack real ales and stouts are now available nationwide. Green Jack beers are known for their subtle balance of sugars, malt and hops, we produce beers of our own design along with a contemporary take on traditional English beer styles

At Green Jack, we brew champion, award-winning ales and have won over 100 awards at independent CAMRA and SIBA beer festivals. In 2006 Ripper was crowned CAMRA Supreme Champion Winter Beer of Great Britain and gained Silver in 2017. In 2012 Trawlerboys was crowned the Champion Best Bitter of Great Britain and was the overall runner-up at the Great British Beer Festival.

Crisp Malt - Main Stage

Crisp Maltings

Here in Norwich, you’re not far from North Norfolk, heart of the best barley-growing region in Britain, and main home of Crisp Maltings. Many of the brilliant beers you’ll taste at the WGBBF are made with our malts – naturally. They range from pale, Vienna, Munich, crystallised and roasted to our signature floor-malted Maris Otter.

Malt in its multiple variations determines colour; provides the body, works with yeast to give the alcohol, and governs numerous elements of the flavour of your beer.   Biscuity, grainy, nutty, toasty, coffee, caramelised, sweet, rich, roasted… mmm!

Prep your palate. Sip your beer. Test your taste buds. Take measure of the malt. Name the flavours (in your own words). And raise your glass to the magic of malt and the brilliance of brewers. Cheers!

Calderstone - Beer Tokens


Calderstone specialize in design, print production, branded merchandise, point of sale, exhibitions, presentation packaging and direct mail.

We save you time and hassle by bringing together all the production facilities you need in to produce a job or fulfil a campaign. No more phone calls to various suppliers.

We take the stress away so you can focus on your other tasks, safe in the knowledge that everything is being looked after and cared for.

We’re here to turn your ideas into reality.

To see how we can help please visit www.calderstone.com or give us a call on 020 8391 3004

Boudicca Brewery Co. - Blackfriars Hall

Boudicca Brewery Co.

An independent Norfolk brewery, set up in 2015 to brew great beer in Norfolk using the finest ingredients. One of our watchwords is inclusivity and to this end all our beers will be suitable for vegans and vegetarians as we will not use isinglass finings or any other animal products in our beers.

We produce our beer with as little impact to the environment as possible.

The company was set up by real ale enthusiasts from Norfolk, with the intention of producing great beers, which could be enjoyed by anyone. Their vision is to produce high quality new beers which are true to Norfolk’s long brewing tradition.

We are named after Boudicca, the famous Queen of the Iceni who led a rebellion against the Roman Empire in Britain. She won several victories, and burnt Colchester, St Albans and London to the ground before finally being defeated. She wasn’t captured by the Romans and while it is unknown what happened to her, it’s thought she probably committed suicide to avoid capture and certain death at the hands of Emperor Nero.

The names of our beers reflect Celtic and East Anglian history and artefacts. For example, the spiral is a common motif in Iron Age British art. The torc that inspired our logo is a kind of necklace that was a status symbol for the Celts and seems to have been particularly common among the Iceni. Many of these torcs can be seen in the Norwich Castle Museum.


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