I'm a CAMRA member, how do I purchase discounted tickets?

To get your CAMRA discount on your tickets you will need to enter your promotional code during the check out process. The discount code will be shared via email to all members in the next weeks so keep a look out in your inbox. The discount code is valid for all tickets that include a beer or cider box. The content only ticket is the same price for members and non members.

If you're having trouble finding the discount code, please contact events@camra.org.uk with your membership number. The discount code is NOT the same as your membership number.

I've ordered my ticket but haven't received my booking confirmation and/or my tickets?
Please check your spam folder. If nothing is there please email events@camra.org.uk with your details.
What's the ticket refund policy?
Unfortunately no refunds can be issued on tickets.
What do I get with my ticket?

You will receive access to the festival website where all the exclusive live and pre-recorded content can be found. You will also receive a delivery to your door of the 6 beers/ciders that correspond to the ticket type you bought. If you have bought a content only ticket you will NOT receive any beer or cider.

When is the festival open?

The Great British Beer Festival Winter at Home 2021 is open from:
Friday 19th March at 12:00

How much are tickets?
Tickets range in price from £5 for the content only pass to £45 depending on the ticket type you choose
What if I only drink cider/perry?

We are also offering a cider/perry box of 6 bottles of fantastic UK made products.

How do I access the tastings and tours etc?

Once you have  purchased your ticket you will be sent an email confirmation with your ticket information included. Two days before (17th March) the festival begins you will be sent a follow up email with the log in details you will need to access the live festival web page. From there you will have full access to all the content available during the festival.

When can I expect my beer/cider to arrive?

The beer and cider boxes will be sent out from the 8th of march.

If I want to join CAMRA how do I do that?

For more information about how to join CAMRA and what you can expect from your membership take a look here

What size beers/ciders can I expect in the box you send?

They are mostly 440ml cans/500ml bottles, but there may be a few 330ml.

Can I buy tickets and have the beer/cider delivered outside of the UK?

Sadly we are unable to deliver the beer boxes outside of the UK on this occasion

How long will the festival content be available for?

The Pre-recorded content will be available for the duration of the weekend festival and for 6 months afterwards to allow ticket holders the chance to enjoy the content at their leisure. 

19-21 March 2021



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