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Live Beer Listing

A complete list of the beers at the festival is provided in the programme with space to mark your own comments.  To keep track of the draught beers (including draught world beers) on offer during the festival, you can view the online beer listing, which is updated as they change.  You can also register and login (as a CAMRA member with your membership number or non-member) to create your beer list and score the beers!

Click here for the Beer List

Real Cider & Perry

We will have over 60 ciders & perries from all parts of Britain, with an emphasis on East Anglian cider makers, and with around 20 counties represented.

Each cider & perry on offer has been graded for sweetness, and this will be indicated on the notices for each product.  Here in Norwich, we use the 13-point scale, where 1 is the sweetest, and 7 is a medium.  Along with the grading, taste and appearance attributes will also be indicated.  Where a cider or perry is made with a single variety of apple or pear, it will be indicated with “(SV)” at the end of the product name.

If you don’t usually drink cider, why not make one of your visits to the festival a cider day? Use the listing in the programme to mark your favourites.

Please be aware that traditional ciders and perries typically have higher alcohol content than most of the commercial cider, so please drink responsibly. We also have a range of lower ABV ciders and perries, and we’re able to offer cider and perry to take-away.  We also have premium apple juice from different local makers.  So why not come along and sample the delights of the forbidden fruit!


World Beer Bar

The World Beer Bar can be found in the marquee, accessed from the stairs off St Andrew’s Hall to the cloisters.  We are sourcing some very limited and very special beers for you to try – many that have never been seen in the UK before! Look out for the Hof Ten Dormaal Raspberry & Chocolate!  We do have a very limited supply of each, so don’t miss out.

Our beers come in Bottles, Kegs (inc KeyKegs) and cans. The dispensing systems you will see are the same as those in festivals in Belgium. These systems tend to use compressed air rather than gas so we know that, if your beer comes into contact with anything, it is only air.

World beers are listed in a separate section of the programme and you can add notes next to each one or use the tasting notes page at the end of the programme.


Vegan & Vegetarian Beer

It comes as a surprise to some people that beer is not always suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The key point that determines whether a beer is vegetarian / vegan or not is the use of finings. Finings are used by most brewers to clarify cask conditioned beer (real ale), as they cause the yeast to flocculate, and sediment on the bottom of the cask. These finings are usually isinglass finings, which are made from the dried swim bladders of fish (originally sturgeon). Although the finings stick to the yeast, and are not consumed, the use of an animal product means that beer clarified with isinglass is not vegan, and some vegetarians don’t drink it either.

Before the 19th Century, when pewter tankards were used, all beers were unfined until glassware became popular and therefore the clarity of beers was visible. Some brewers leave their beers unfined which means that the beer generally doesn’t need to settle before serving, although it will still need to be vented, and allowed to finish maturation. Such beers usually turn out hazy, or even cloudy, in the glass.

Recently, more and more brewers are leaving their beers unfined or using vegan finings to achieve full or partial clarification. There are also some who feel that (isinglass) finings strip beers of flavour, hop character, aroma and mouthfeel.


Gluten-Free Beer

For those Gluten Free attendees, we will have a dedicated tap line for Gluten Free beers in the World Beer Bar.   Throughout the rest of the festival we will have a selection of Gluten Free casks available.


Let us know how you found your experience at the beer festival by giving feedback on Facebook.  We always like to hear if you enjoyed your experience and also to learn how we can improve things, if you have any suggestions?

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